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To consolidate the company’s position in the nutrition and dietary market being the national leader in our segment, and expand the offering of new products to meet the needs of our customers, trying to combine common needs with the new markets where we want operate, we started an internationalization process.

Nutradvance II, is a company of the Nutradvance group, that presented on 11-05-2016 a candidature for PORTUGAL 2020, within the framework of the SI Qualification and Internationalization – SMEs, which was approved in 09/09/2016.

With this project the company aims to implement the internationalization plan, aims to achieve the following objectives at international level:

  • Increase the visibility and recognition of the company and products;
  • To adapt the way of acting in the international markets;
  • Bet on international web presence and marketing;
  • Promote the acquisition of customers in foreign markets;
  • Hire more qualified human resources;
  • Increase Total and International Turnover.

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