Nutradvance was founded in February 2011 and is part of its mission to find solutions that promote wellness.

The promoters of Nutradvance are professionals with a lot of experience in nutraceutics and nutrition services, since in 2003 they were responsible for the creation of a new model of nutrition service for the market of dietetics and pharmacies in Portugal. This approach has given rise to the opening of a new market segment that has contributed significantly to increase sales of nutraceutics, especially weight loss products. Currently in the Portuguese market, more than 70% of sales of nutraceutics are slimming products usually recommended by nutritionists or dietitians in dietetics and pharmacies.

Taking advantage of this knowledge, we have assembled a group of professionals (nutritionists and pharmacists) with extensive experience in health services and products to be a part of Nutradvance team.

Our goal is to change the way people think about nutrition. We want to promote nutritional education and appropriate solutions to the modern way of life, contribution to the wellbeing and anti-ageing of the general population.


Our mission is to promote a healthy way of life, considering nutrition knowledge and supplying innovative  high-quality products in the nutrition and dietary market through leading brands that will be recognized by consumers.

We are committed to find in nature the best solutions that allow an adequate supply of nutrients, promoting physical and mental well-being and disease prevention.

We want to add value to our partners by offering pratical solutions, lasting and effective thus providing a growth in your offer and the scope of your business.


Our vision is to become  leader in dietary supplements manufacturing and services, sales and marketing, to be seen as the leader in terms of quality, product portfolio range and as a company that constantly expands on new markets.

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